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represents criminal and municipal court defendants anywhere in the State of New Jersey. Our experienced New Jersey Criminal
Lawyers and traffic ticket lawyers all have a minimum of 20 years of experience.  We have both NJ Criminal and NJ Traffic Violation
attorneys with referrals available for out of state matters so whether you or your company is charged with a crime, DWI, DUI or NJ traffic
ticket such as DWI, DUI or leaving the scene of an accident or driving while suspended ticket we can help.  This web site is not intended
to give legal advise.  If you have a NJ legal question and need answers, please call our office at (732) 257-5040 to set up a consultation.  
Free office in office consultations are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 11:00AM-5:30PM for other times you will be
charged a small fee.  Free Consultations are limited to advise on
hiring a lawyer for a DWI, DUI, All Criminal Violations, All Traffic Tickets,
All Shoplifting and all NJ Criminal charges
and not to give advise on how you can avoid a charge or to give a second opinion.   Please
remember that if you have a criminal or DWI or DUI matter you must speak with the attorney in private to assure the confidentiality of your
case. We are New Jersey Criminal Lawyers and New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyers b
ut we cannot guarantee the accuracay of any
information contained in this website, please speak to our attorney before relying on any information contained herein
.  98% Success
Rate applies to past NJ Criminal and Traffic Ticket Cases we handle and is not a guarantee of a future outcome.  Past success is not
indicative of future results.  
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Get Charged and Lose Your Job or Drivers License:
Most good jobs require criminal charge and/or motor vehicle
background checks prior to employment.  If you have a clean record
you get the job, if your record shows a criminal charge, drug charge or
lots of points or tickets you may lose that job.  For others even if you
can find a job, you could lose your state professional license (teachers,
hair dressers, doctors, health care professionals etc.)  Thus, whether
you are a truck driver, nurse, financial planner or teacher the outcome
of your case may be the same: unemployed.  Don't let this happen to
you! Don't let a momentary mistake in judgement ruin your life.  Our NJ
Traffic and Criminal offense lawyers can put the best defense to work
for you.  Call 1-800-974-4487.  The sooner you put to work for you, the
more we can do to help you, as most defenses have time limitations
and if you miss them you could lose even if you are innocent.
Top 30 New Jersey Towns for Traffic and Criminal Violations: Woodbridge, Lawrence, Edison, Bridgewater, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Paramus, Totowa, Short Hills,
East Brunswick, Clifton, Elizabeth, Wayne, Secaucus, North Brunswick, Eatontown, Roxbury, Freehold, Princeton, Tinton Falls, South Brunswick, Ocean Township, Tinton Falls
Edgewater, Cinnaminson, Union, Spotswood, Fairfield, Newark, Orange, Little Falls, North Bergen, Metuchen, Sayreville, and Carteret. Results based on cases we handle in NJ
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Drug Paraphernalia
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a Police Officer
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Welfare of a Child
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Are you Worried? Losing sleep? Can't Eat?
If you have been charged with any Criminal Offense, DWI,
Shoplifting, Drug, Assault, Sexual Contact Charge or Traffic Ticket
we understand what you are going through.  You must stop worrying
and take action: pick up the phone and call to set up your free in
office consultation.  Even if other lawyers have told you that your
case is impossible, we can still help.  We are the lawyers that other
lawyers tell clients to go to.  With nearly 50% of our work coming
from other lawyers we are truly the lawyers' lawyer.  But you must
take the first step and call.  Attorney Aalsberg has a 98%* Success
Rate of Winning, Reducing, or Eliminating the penalties that most of
our client were originally charged with. Put this success rate to work
for you!
Since 1992 our firm has represented over 11,000 clients charged in NJ
with Criminal, DWI, Drug and Traffic Ticket Offenses.  We cover the
entire State of New Jersey, and no case is too far or too complex.  
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has been interviewed by ABC News 20/20,
WABC, WCBS, WOR Radio, the New Jersey Star Ledger and the New
Jersey Law Journal.  He has been endorsed by more than 220 other
lawyers nationwide and is considered the lawyer other lawyers turn to
when needing advise or representation for an important client.  If your
liberty and future are at stake don't hesitate call us now.
If you're in trouble with the law,
whether its a simple traffic ticket or
complex criminal charge, you need a
lawyer that can get results.  Attorney
H. Scott Aalsberg, has a 98%
Success Rate of Winning, Reducing
or Eliminating the penalties for the
Criminal Charges, and Traffic Matters
he accepts.  Of course, no attorney
by law, can predict the outcome of a
future case, but Attorney H. Scott
Aalsbergs' success rate simply
speaks for itself.  

How does Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg
get his high success rate? Since
attorney Aalsberg practices nearly
exclusively in the Municipal and
Criminal Courts of NJ, he is not a
"Jack of All Trades"   Attorney
Aalsberg works every day with
criminal, traffic and DWI clients and
thus, in his 28 years of practice has  
honed his skills like a sharp knife to
cut the best deal or win your charge.  
For this skill he has been recognized
by his peers for outstanding legal
work with more than 5 Legal
Organizations ranking him a Top
Attorney.  Attorney Aalsberg has
learned what to do but, even more
importantly what not to do.  Attorney
Aalsberg's experience allows him to
examining every possible loophole or
mistake the police and prosecutors
may have made in your case to win,
reduce or eliminate your charge.  
Remember it is not necessarily what
you did, but what the police can
prove using lawfully obtained
evidence, any mistake can taint your
case allowing your defense attorney
to win.

Choosing a lawyer is important, but
choosing the right lawyer is even
more important. If you have a case in
NJ for any Criminal Charge, Drug
Charge, DWI or DUI a conviction will
stay with you for the rest of your life.  
Don't ruin, your job, education or
future career.  Call now and get the
help you need and deserve.  The call
and the consultation is free* but the
advise could be priceless . . . .
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